Self-Love Series – Movement

We all could do with a little more self-love in our lives, so over the coming weeks I’m going to focus on a different area/aspect that we can bring to mind. First up is movement.

In day to day life and society in general, I find we can all get a little rigid, a little stiff and inflexible at times (both in physical and mental terms). We become so preoccupied with doing and having that we often forget to relax and enjoy the moment. We often forget that our bodies can do more than stand, walk or sit. It’s like we begin to live with tunnel vision in our bodies and forget that we are born with a whole range of motions. When was the last time you did a side stretch for example? (The dance floor doesn’t count!).

Why is this so important you may ask?

Well just like when water stops flowing, it becomes stale and stagnant, can look quite ugly and loose it’s serene appeal. The same can happen to our bodies. When we become rigid, we forgot the beauty of our bodies, hold tension in our limbs and our energy, thoughts and creativity can become stagnant. Do this repeatedly and over time we can become quite miserable and stressed. But once we move, it’s like we free ourselves of our self inflicted shackles and find joy again.

And yes, exercise, dancing, playing etc all involve movement and yes one could say we move all day long from morning to night, but I mean conscious movement (outside of normal everyday activity). How many times do you stop to consciously move your body to get energy flowing again?

I dare you…stand up now, place your feet hip width apart and just move. Spin your hips in circles, wave your arms from side to side, twist your torso, shimmy your shoulders, nod your head, kick your legs, move your wrists and shake your booty! Feels good right? I bet without even knowing, you ended up with a smile on your face doing that.

You’re ego may try to tell you how silly you look, how ridiculous this is etc but move past that and just focus on the movement. If you’re waving your arms, notice and say to yourself, ‘I’m waving my arms’, same if you’re shaking your hips, notice ‘I’m shaking my hips’ and so on. Just go with it and enjoy the present movement for what is it…movement and energy in the body.

So my advice is…do it more, consciously move more. Take a few moments each day to move your body, any way you like (just be mindful and don’t injure yourself!). Doing this simple act will wake up the life force energy within your body and a new appreciation and self-love for your body will happen naturally.

You can also repeat this simple affirmation each time you do this;

I consciously move my body everyday and awaken the life force energy within. 

Yoga is a great option for people if they wish to become more aware and mindful of movement within their body. Below are a few resources I use regularly;

Yoga with Adriene – brilliant for beginners, she has a series of videos called ‘Foundations of Yoga’ in her playlist section.

Boho Beautiful

Alo Yoga

Tara Stiles

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